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Octera CIBBS© The "Complete Integrated Blockchain Business Solution"

A fully integrated mobile-ready modular ecosystem to unleash your business potential in 21st century

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CIBBS© Accounting

This module comprises of an exhaustive set of accounting tools that is everything you will ever need as an accountant.

CIBBS© Taxation

Leveraging on decentralized distributed ledger your taxes can now be effortlessly calculated and deducted based on the legal and financial framework specific to the jurisdiction a company is conducting its activities.

CIBBS© Fixed Asset Management

A revolutionary way of dealing with fixed assets, leveraging on blockchain ledger to store your asset information in a decentralized and secure manner.

CIBBS© Inventory Management

Immutable blockchain-based inventory database module that provides businesses with unparalleled features in the way data is input, stored and processed through Artificial Intelligence.

CIBBS© Human Resource Management

Comprehensive human resource management solution customized for all types of markets and corporate needs including recruiting and retention, performance management, training and development, change management and much more.

CIBBS© Reporting

An advanced set of financial and performance management reporting tools to facilitate decision making process using Business intelligence and AI and generate linear and non-linear reports for an organization.

CIBBS© Business Intelligence Tool

A truly revolutionary tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze overall business performance and provide with cutting-edge assistance in the decision making process as well as industry-specific guidance.

CIBBS© Audit Tools

A module that streamlines the audit process for an organization, and identifies areas of risk facilitating the process through its in-built audit tools.

CIBBS© Modular Apporoach

Stop cluttering the organization with unnecessary tools and processes. The CIBBS© modular approach can now effortlessly tailor the ideal cost solution for any organization regardless the type, size or geography.

CIBBS© Data Compatibility

CIBBS© provides mobile-ready data integration throughout an organization, among organizations, industries and any existent accounting platforms and operating systems.​

CIBBS© Distributed Ledger

Blockchain technology allows for transactions and data to be recorded, shared, and synchronized across a distributed network of different network participants in a fast and immutable way without the need of a third party mediator.

CIBBS© 24x7 Support

Our aim is to be your long-term technology partner, always putting your needs first. We will get to know your people, processes and technology and will do all we can to give you the secure and robust technology platform that you need to meet your business objectives.